Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy summary


Sydney Christian Fellowship Inc. (SCF) trading as Highlands Christian Fellowship (HCF) is an association incorporated under the Association Incorporation Act 2009 (NSW). A commitment to ‘first love’ shall be the lifestyle encouraged for all Officers and voluntary workers of SCF, who shall at all times maintain confidentiality appropriate to the circumstances of their engagement with SCF.


SCF is bound by relevant applicable legislation, respects the privacy of individuals when collecting and handling personal information and is committed to adopting the highest standards to safeguard the personal information of individuals.

General Policy

SCF uses or discloses personal information it collects in accordance with its functions and activities and in compliance with the Act.

SCF will not disclose personal information about an individual for a purpose other than the primary purpose of collection. SCF will only disclose personal information if that purpose is directly related to the reason it was first collected.

SCF is committed to protecting sensitive personal information which may be collected to carry out its functions or activities.


The committee shall be accountable for the development of a Procedure to give effect to this policy and for its efficient implementation in order to comply with relevant legislation.

The Procedure to give effect to this Policy shall include:

  • an explanatory definition of terms used in this Policy,
  • a practical means by which all Officers are made aware of their accountabilities under the Policy,
  • the efficient retention and management of records
  • how and when revisions and adjustments are to be made