2016 Supper & Song

In His loving kindness, the God who made the universe has a life planned for each one of us. Through Jesus, He has made the way for us to know Him, to live this life, and to dwell in His peace.

1. He Holds Me In His Hands (Jacqueline Thompson)Download
God holds us in His hand. That’s a lovely picture isn’t it? The God who made the Universe holds each one of us in His hand. This song reminds us that we can know that God has considered our lives – each one of us – and that He has a life planned for each of us and that we can rest in His hand.

2. Good News (Sue Langbein)Download
Good News – exclamation mark! It’s the best news you’ll hear! We sing and share with you this good news that we believe – that when Jesus died, we and all of our rebellion and failure and shame died in Him, and when He rose from the dead He made everything new – including us, as we trust ourselves to Him. By His extraordinary gift that He invites us to join, Jesus the Son of God became the way for us to become sons and daughters of God, freed from our old anxious and striving lives to be filled with His life, His love and His peace to live and to give. He gives us His beauty instead of our ashes, His joy instead of our tears. Good news!

3. Victory At The Cross (Tom Miller)Download
Jesus Christ has risen from the dead and because of this we can know victory over fear and sin. We can know and receive eternal life – right here and now! There is a line in this song that says “The same spirit that strengthened Him that day strengthens me to obey” – this encourages us that we can receive the same strength Jesus received as he died on the cross – that’s amazing isn’t it! We can receive strength to live today.

4. Coming To The Feet Of Jesus (Katie Jones)Download
There is only one way to get through a day and this life – that is to come to Jesus every day and surrender ourselves to Him. When Jesus died on the cross, He did so as an obedient son to God the Father. This song says that we can join the death of Jesus – part of this means that we can receive from God that same ability to be an obedient daughter or son of God – this is an obedience to surrender to God our own ways and our own ideas of what our life should be. Thankfully, God the Father raised Jesus from the dead – and now – Jesus offers us this same resurrection life that He has. As we come to God each day and surrender our own ways and our life to Him, we can receive the life of Jesus, which is His resurrection life – and we can know this as peace and joy! So, rather than fighting to survive through life, receiving life from Jesus Himself is certainly the only way and life that we would want to live!.

5. I Believe (Anna Lawless)Download
The words to this song are taken from a scripture in the New Testament – Hebrews 4:13-16. God’s purpose for us is that we can be His sons and we can draw near to Him. The amazing thing is that God sees our weaknesses and our thoughts, fears and attitudes, yet God still wants to know us and for us to know Him. God calls us to draw near to Him and believe, and as we do, we receive the capacity and ability to be obedient to God. We can know a peace and rest in our lives.

6. He Will Make Me Adequate (Penny Smith)Download
God has a plan for each of us – a real and personal plan. How do we walk it out? There is a verse in the Bible, which poses a question: saying “who is adequate for these things?” The question contains the answer – no one is adequate. We are not adequate to live the way God wants us to live, but He wants to make us adequate as we call on Him and search Him out. Be encouraged – whether we have known God or not – to call on Him and find His pathway for us. Then he will make us adequate to walk the way he wants us to.

7. The Kindness of God (Jacqueline Thompson)Download
The Lord is looking to heal and restore us. He desires to walk with us and have a relationship with us. Jesus said that if you ask your heavenly Father for bread He will not give you a stone. He genuinely cares for us and to those who call on His name, He will answer!

8. This Is The Will Of God (Katie Jones)Download
No matter what situation we are in, He knows our needs but we must humble ourselves and cry out to the Lord and He will give us grace to walk. As we face hardships we are actually able to give thanks in our situations – which is such a backward way of thinking – but this is the rest and peace that we are able to receive from Him.